Roper Patient Portal Login (Official): Roper St. Francis Healthcare


Roper Patient Portal Login (Official): Roper St. Francis Healthcare

The Roper Patient Portal, powered by MyChart, offers a streamlined and secure way for patients of Roper St. Francis Healthcare to manage their medical records and health care online. This innovative portal facilitates easy access to doctor’s appointments, hospital services, and personal health records, enhancing patient engagement and convenience.

By transitioning to Epic’s MyChart, Roper St. Francis ensures a seamless, integrated experience for both new and existing patients, promoting better health management through features like appointment scheduling, messaging providers, and accessing test results​

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How to Login to the Roper Patient Portal/ MyChart

  1. Visit the Portal: Start by visiting the MyChart website provided by Roper St. Francis Healthcare.
  2. Enter Credentials: On the homepage, you’ll find a login section where you should enter your MyChart username and password.
  3. Access Your Account: After entering your details, click the “Log In” button to access your health records, appointments, and more.

If you encounter any issues logging in, you can contact the MyChart help desk for assistance.

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How to Sign Up for the Roper Patient Portal/ MyChart Account

If you’re a new user, signing up for MyChart is essential for accessing the Roper Patient Portal.

  1. Find the Sign-Up Page: On the MyChart homepage, look for a sign-up link or button.
  2. Verification: You may need to provide personal information to verify your identity, such as your date of birth and email address.
  3. Activation Code: If you’ve received an activation code from your healthcare provider, you’ll use it here. If not, you may be able to sign up without one by following the provided steps.
  4. Create Your Account: Set up your username, password, and security questions to complete the registration.

How to Reset Password or Username for Roper Patient Portal

Forgetting your login details can happen to anyone, but MyChart makes it easy to recover your account.

Resetting Your Password

  1. Password Reset Link: On the login page, click on the “Forgot Password?” link.
  2. Verify Your Identity: You’ll likely need to provide some information to verify your identity, such as your MyChart username, SSN (Social Security Number), and date of birth.
  3. Follow Instructions: After verification, follow the prompts to set a new password.

Recovering Your Username

  1. Username Recovery: If you’ve forgotten your username, find and click on the “Forgot Username?” link on the login page.
  2. Provide Information: You’ll be asked to provide your email address and possibly other identifying information.
  3. Retrieve Username: Follow the instructions to receive your username.

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If you encounter any difficulties during the password or username recovery process, contact the Roper St. Francis Healthcare support team for further assistance.

Features and Functionality of the Roper Patient Portal

Comprehensive Access to Health Records

One of the cornerstone features of MyChart is its ability to provide patients with real-time access to their medical records. This includes detailed summaries of doctor visits, discharge instructions, and comprehensive medical histories. Patients can review their test results, immunization records, and more, often within hours after their visit, enabling them to stay informed about their health status.

Appointment Management

MyChart simplifies the process of scheduling appointments. Patients can view available timeslots and schedule appointments with their healthcare providers at their convenience. This functionality extends to managing appointments, allowing patients to reschedule or cancel appointments as necessary, thereby reducing wait times and improving access to care.

Direct Communication with Healthcare Providers

A standout feature of the Roper Patient Portal is the secure messaging system. Patients can communicate directly with their healthcare providers, ask questions, discuss concerns, and receive advice without the need for a physical visit. This direct line of communication fosters a stronger patient-provider relationship and ensures that patients can receive timely assistance.

Medication Management

Patients can review their current medications, request prescription refills, and receive instructions on medication management through the portal. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing chronic conditions, ensuring medication compliance, and avoiding unnecessary complications.

Bill Payment and Financial Management

MyChart also integrates financial management features, offering patients a convenient way to view and pay their medical bills online. Patients can access detailed bill explanations, set up payment plans, and securely store payment information for future use, simplifying the financial aspects of healthcare.

Health Tracking Tools

The portal includes tools for patients to actively participate in their health management. Features such as the health tracker allow patients to monitor vital signs, symptoms, and other health metrics over time. These tools can be invaluable for managing chronic conditions, tracking progress toward health goals, and sharing health updates with providers.

Privacy and Security

Security is a paramount concern for any health information system. MyChart employs robust security measures to protect patient information, including encryption, secure login procedures, and automatic logoff features. Patients can rest assured that their health information is protected and accessible only to authorized users.

Personalized Health Content

MyChart offers personalized health content, including educational materials and health tips tailored to the patient’s health conditions and interests. This feature supports patients in learning more about their health, understanding their conditions, and adopting healthier lifestyles.

Mobile App Accessibility

Acknowledging the importance of accessibility, the MyChart App ensures that patients can conveniently access their health information, communicate with healthcare providers, and manage appointments while on the go. This further enhances the portal’s convenience and usability for users.

Integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

MyChart is seamlessly integrated with the Epic EMR system, ensuring that patient records are up-to-date, accurate, and easily accessible by authorized healthcare providers. This integration facilitates better coordination among care teams and supports more informed decision-making.

About Roper St. Francis Healthcare

Roper St. Francis Healthcare is a prominent health system in Charleston, SC, dedicated to providing high-quality care and a wide range of services to the community. With a focus on patient-centered care, it incorporates the latest medical technologies and practices across its hospitals and facilities. Roper St. Francis is known for its commitment to improving health outcomes through innovative treatments, compassionate care, and extensive healthcare services​

The main hospitals within the system include:

  • Roper St. Francis Berkeley Hospital
  • Roper Hospital
  • Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital
  • Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital
  • Roper Rehabilitation Hospital


Q1. Is the Roper Patient Portal secure? Yes, the Roper Patient Portal ensures the security and privacy of patient information. The portal utilizes encryption and other industry-standard security measures to protect personal health data.

Q2. Can I schedule appointments with specific healthcare providers through the portal? Absolutely! The Roper Patient Portal allows you to select your preferred healthcare provider and schedule appointments with them based on their availability.

Q3. Can I request prescription refills through the portal? Yes, the Roper Patient Portal enables patients to request prescription refills conveniently. Simply submit your refill request, and your healthcare provider will review and authorize it.

Q4. How can I pay bills through the Roper Patient Portal? The portal offers a convenient bill payment feature. You can view your medical bills, make payments online, and track your payment history using the secure billing functionality.

Q5. Can I access my medical records through the Roper Patient Portal? Absolutely! The portal provides access to your medical records, including diagnoses, treatment plans, test results, and more. You can stay informed and actively participate in your healthcare decisions.


The Roper Patient Portal revolutionizes the way patients access and engage with healthcare. With its user-friendly interface, convenient features, and secure communication channels, the portal offers a comprehensive solution for managing healthcare needs.

By choosing the Roper Patient Portal, patients can enjoy enhanced convenience, improved communication, and increased engagement in their healthcare journey.

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